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Our Story

At the end of 2011, Dr. Chris and his wife Tiffany opened Elevation Chiropractic in McKinney, TX. Since then their mission has been to help their patients achieve their goals, whatever they may be. 

Some people come to us because they want to get out of pain or don't want to live with headaches anymore, others come because they want to decrease their medications and figure out the root cause of their symptoms. 

We understand you want to get out of pain, and may not want to rely on drugs and surgery.

If you're searching the internet for a chiropractor, chances are you are dealing with some of the most common conditions we see: numbness in extremities, headaches, neck pain, upper or mid back pain, or low back pain. Pain is NOT normal. It is your body telling you something is wrong.


Our Approach

Dr. Chris has been extensively trained in spinal correction. We focus on the position of the musculoskeletal system through: posture, ROM and X-rays taken in office. Once we have your exam and x-ray findings (if necessary) we put together a treatment plan to get you well. This initial corrective phase can take anywhere from 1-4 months. As progress exams are done, we then move the patient into improvements of ROM, posture, X-rays, and the patient is back to doing the things they love.

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